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Once You Hear the Sounds of Cuba, You’ll Never Be the Same!

The Obama administration extended its open hand to Cuba’s regime… and they responded by assaulting our diplomats, or at the very least failing to protect them from a mysterious and ongoing series of attacks: ”At least 19 American diplomats in Havana have been diagnosed with wide-ranging symptoms, including hearing loss, severe headaches, loss of balance and other forms of cognitive impairment.”

The Trump administration has had enough:

Senior U.S. officials say the United States is pulling roughly 60 percent of its staff out of Cuba and warning American travelers not to visit due to “specific attacks” that have harmed U.S. diplomats. The officials say the U.S. is ordering all nonessential staff in the embassy in Havana to leave, along with all family members. Only “emergency personnel” will remain. The U.S. is also warning American citizens they could be harmed if they travel to Cuba. A State Department travel warning will note that attacks on diplomats have occurred in hotels.

Maybe Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism can just adapt and incorporate the alleged acoustic and sonic attacks into their advertising:

Havana: Feel our vibrations!

You’re going to want to hear what we have to give to visiting Americans!

Once the sound of Cuba gets into your head, you’ll never be the same!


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