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One Country’s (Recent) Story

Last month, Juan Manuel Santos won the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the president of Colombia, and he won it for his peace negotiations with the FARC (a Communist and narco-terrorist group).

When the prize was announced in October, I had this thought: “Were I to give a Colombian Nobel, I would give it to Álvaro Uribe, or perhaps divide it between him and George W. Bush. Thanks to their efforts, the FARC sued for peace. They were forced to the table.”

Uribe preceded Santos as president.

By chance, I was able to share my thought with Bush, in Texas. A few weeks later, I shared it with Uribe, in Bogotá. I wrote a piece about Colombia for the magazine. And this week, I’m expanding it in a Web series, starting today: here.

As I mention at the outset, 2016 was a big year for many countries and many people. It was quite big, quite significant, for Colombia.

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