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One Flu Over The Zombie’s Nest

David, A few quick points.

1. Yes, you started this round, but I’ve been writing about zombies around here for a long time. 

2. I guess I gotta go back and watch the first couple shows again, because that flu outbreak scenario really didn’t seem all too explicit to me. But you and some folks on Twitter say I missed it, so I will go back and look. 

3. I’m just not buying the idea that the military would be entirely outmatched by unthinking, slow-moving rotting sacks of meat that can be lured by loud sounds, including car alarms and barking dogs. It may take the military a little while to discover that every bite is fatal, but most people still don’t want to get bit. And while the military may be taught to shoot center mass, biting is a real close range tactic, which moves heads into easier target range. See item #1 on this piece.  I’m not saying that a zombie outbreak would be cleaned up in a day or two. But immediate and systemic society-wide breakdown? Not convinced (absent some other galvanizing factor). 

4. I know I brought this on myself, but I want to be clear I’m not a zombie hater or poo-pooer. I love the genre. I’m tempted to say, “Gosh, I hope you’re right that we’d all be doomed if zombism broke out.”

5. Last I really like The Walking Dead and I’m more than willing to stick it out with Fear The Walking Dead. My wife and I have been re-watching the entire TWD series (we’re up to season four). It’s interesting, I remember the first two seasons being much slower than they were on the return visit. I still have lots of gripes, but they’re gripes generated by a true affection. I will save those gripes for the next round. 



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