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One for the Gipper

“The last time I was in this room was for Ronnie’s service, so it’s nice to be back under happier circumstances,” Nancy Reagan said today at the Capitol. She was dedicating a statue of Ronald Reagan today before an audience that filled the Rotunda, where the statue joins others of Eisenhower, Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr., and Washington. Nancy confirmed that the statue was a “wonderful likeness” of her husband and thanked the artist, Chas Fagan. It seemed a proud moment for her.

The Reagan Statue

Congressional leaders from both parties also spoke before the statue was unveiled, including John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi used the ceremony to make a political point, thanking Mrs. Reagan for her continued support of embryonic-stem-cell research.

— Michael Warren, a Collegiate Network intern at National Review, studies economics and history at Vanderbilt University.


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