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One Governor Down…

Governor Gavin Newsom (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Looks like the walls really were closing in on Andrew Cuomo. Score one for Andy McCarthy.

It’s remarkable that the single most celebrated and media-touted governor in the country in 2020 has resigned in disgrace before September 2021.

But hey, it’s not like the two most celebrated and media-touted governors in the country in 2020 could be driven from office by October, right?

Er, right? 

“If everybody voted, then [California governor Gavin] Newsom would actually be in a safe place right now. But that’s not the way elections in this country work. I think the governor and his team understand that even his supporters aren’t all that excited about him right now,” said Dan Schnur, a politics professor at three California universities who previously led the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

“Over the next few weeks, you’ll see him spending less time trying to persuade recall supporters to change their mind, and much more of his time and energy simply trying to motivate his own base to bother to show up,” Schnur said.

At the Orange County Register, columnist John Phillips wrote this morning, “Unfortunately for him, right now he’s the most unpopular governor in America…whose name is not Andrew Cuomo.” I guess that means in a short while, he’ll be the most unpopular governor in America.


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