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One Happy Canadian!

An e-mail:

Hi K-Lo,

As a recent subscriber to National Review – Dead Tree, I just thought you’d like to know that I finally received my first copy in the mail and am quite giddy about the whole situation. Initially I was only going to subscribe to [NR DIGITAL] but quickly realized my folly…what better way to spread the good word and simultaneously annoy my slightly left-wing friends than to have copies of NR neatly fanned out on my coffee table (don’t be alarmed though…..they are few in number and only a bit lefty). Anyways, I thought that you might like to know that I’m thinking about following you’re always subtle advice and completing my Christmas shopping through the convenient links posted on The Corner… has to support the cause!

I also wanted to express my delight that Mark Steyn has joined the ‘axis

of maple’ as I have been a long-time follower who was quite disappointed

when he left the National Post (although I can certainly understand


You don’t have to be Canadian to experience that kind of joy! Subscribe to NR or a href=””>NR DIGITAL today. And not just for yourself: Gift-sub links for Digital and Dead Tree are here and here.


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