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One Last Augusta E-mail

From a reader:


I’m a huge golf fan and the Masters in particular holds a special place in my love for the game. The reason I started playing golf was watching Greg Norman lose a heartbreaking tournament in 1996. It was his tremendous grace in such a terrible loss that made me realize what a special game golf is.

I think – given the tradition and integrity of Augusta National – Chairman Payne’s remarks are 100% correct. The Masters is the pinnacle of the sport and is seen the world over. Woods’ decision to return there after his layoff has to be an annoyance to Mr. Payne and the other members. Normally, the Masters is a celebration of everything that is right with golf, but this year it is plagued by questions about Woods’ infidelities and lies – two things that are completely anathema to the game of golf. Mr. Payne is right that Woods owes his fans an apology. Kids idolized him, wanted to be like him. Let’s hope that the “new humility” takes, but it was refreshing to here someone actually tell Woods that he screwed up and needs to fix it himself.

It’s one of the great things about golf. When you hit a bad shot or get a penalty, it is your fault and no one else. You take responsibility for your actions.


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