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One Last Thing On Lott

Lott’s win says much about the body he serves in.

It’s a cliche, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true — the place is “clubby.”

These sort of votes, even more so than the House, are as much about relationships as anything else. And ole Trent has been in the upper body for some 18 years now, slapping backs and building up chits. Lamar! has only been there since 2002. Seniority wins.

This vote is actually eeirly similar to the last round of Senate leadership elections in 2004. You remember, the one where Sen. Elizabeth Dole was picked to run the NRSC over Sen. Norm Coleman. Dole’s semi-celebrity status, of course, played a role in her selection, but there’s no denying that her colleagues’ long-standing relationships with the previous Sen. Dole helped, too.

That vote? 28-27