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One More Thing About Tapped

Those guys were indignant when a blogger tried to play the same game with the American Prospect by noting that their own staff — as displayed in a group photo — was as white as a Swedish high school chess club. In response, Tapped responded:

Finally, Atrios, apparently seeking to prove the white supremacist leanings of this fine magazine, posts pictures of members of our staff — damn, he nailed us! Since the race and ethnicity of a magazine’s contributors are apparently Atrios’ most reliable indicator of liberal virtue and sensibility on issues of race, then he had best buy a subscription to National Review. After all, that particular journal counts Lopez and Ramesh Ponnuru, who are presumably of Latino and South Asian descent, respectively, among its senior staff.

That’s right. Not only are those guys rank hypocrites, but thanks to the righteousness-imbuing qualities of NR’s diveristy, I get to say so.


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