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One Reader’s Reply to Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt’s entry in our Tom-or-Arnold debate this morning shook me, as I’ve said, but I’ve now received some four dozen emails telling me to buck up. Here’s one:

Just what is wrong with siphoning money from the tribes AWAY from Bustamante? More importantly, is Hugh saying that there’s something wrong with taking money from Indians? Is that the best he’s got?

I am a voting member of the Oklahoma Choctaw Nation, and no, I don’t think gambling does Indians any favors. I am also a social conservative, however, and [McClintock’s use of Indian money] is hardly a dealbreaker. Shows Tom can maneuver, and that he’s still a-scrappin.’

I’ve been on the telephone too much today to compose my reply to you, Hugh-at the lastest, I’ll write it on the airplane as I fly home to California tomorrow–but I can already tell you that it won’t involve running up a white flag. This boy is digging in.


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