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One Singular Sensation – Encore!

Readers may recall that Britain’s National Health Service threw an inaugural ball to mark the dawn of ObamaCare. Well, it’s happened again:

Surgeon Cut Off Testicle ‘By Mistake’ At Bury Hospital

The story gets odder from there:

Dr Sulieman Al Hourani was only supposed to cut out a cyst, but removed the whole right testicle instead…

Sarah Prichard, counsel for the GMC, said the mistake was made as a nurse helping the surgeon turned her back to get a stitch.

When she turned around the testicle had been removed.

There follow some fascinating glimpses of life in the NHS:

“Such was the level of concern they immediately realised it could be a serious medical incident and took steps to complete the relevant documentation.”

A month later it is alleged that the doctor, who qualified after studying at Jordan University of Science and Technology, stole two boxes of dihydrocodeine from a treatment room on a ward at the same hospital…

The GMC was told of another incident in August 2006, when Dr Al Hourani had consulted a colleague and was advised to inject a patient with 10 milligrams (mg) of midazolam, a powerful sedative drug.

He then gave the patient 8mg and injected himself with the other 2mg, the hearing was told.

Dr Al Hourani is now back practising in Jordan. It is not known if this is the only infidel testicle he removed or whether he now has an attractive arrangement of novelty paperweights on his desk.

As you can tell, I’m fighting the temptation to see this as the latest front in “soft jihad”, or at any rate as some kind of civilizational metaphor.

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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