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One of the student speakers…

  …now attacking McCain as not representing the university’s values and his appearance here as a top-down decision that over-shadows what should be a joyful occasion for students. And now she’s preemptively attacking McCain’s speech based on the fact that he said he’s going to say the same thing he said at Liberty–a pretty effective tactic for her (makes McCain seem canned, if he’s actually going to say the same thing, that is). She continues: “preemptive war is dangerous and wrong”; “Osama bin laden has not been found and neither have the WMD”; “We have nothing to fear from anyone on this living planet”; “We can allow our humanity always come before our nationality”; “This is not arrogance of young, strong-minded woman…I speak out of a need to honor the voices that came before me.” Standing ovation from a lot of the students.

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