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The One-Term Thing

Rich, if he’s going to do it, he ought to. He currently has “THE FIRST TERM” in big letters on his website flagging that speech today. And I just can’t think about that … eight years?

(While I’m at it … I’m sorry, Senator, it’s Thursday and it’s been a long week … the next things my eyes caught on his homepage were his gas-tax-holiday petition and climate-change platform. Then: “Watch John McCain on The Daily Show.” It wasn’t until my eyes traveled a bit more that I saw a picture of him from Vietnam. Which subtly reminds me he is for “No Surrender.” Which matters.)

If he gave a speech with four or five realistic goals, this is what he’ll do with a four-year, one-term mandate — not fanciful stabilize-the-Mideast-Miss-America goals — I think he could start to encourage some of us (legitimate) grumblers.


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