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One Terror Suspect Remains at Large in Paris, May Have Escaped Police Cordon

One suspect remains at large in Paris Friday night, after two hostage situations across the French capital left three Islamist terrorists and several civilians dead.

Brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi — the two Islamic terrorists responsible for the Charlie Hebdo massacre – were killed Friday evening in a shootout with police at a printing plant north of Paris. The police assault began after the brothers reportedly fired on cops amassing outside the plant. One hostage was freed unharmed.

Police simultaneously assaulted a Jewish grocery in central Paris, where terrorists Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumediene were allegedly holed up with hostages. Friends and allies of the Kouachi brothers, the two said they would start executing captives unless police let the Hebdo attackers go. 

But after a police assault that killed Coulibaly and saw several hostages wounded or killed, authorities discovered that Boumediene was not found in the grocery store. Some reports now indicate she was present during the initial hostage-taking, and somehow managed to slip past police cordons and escape.

Reportedly Coulibaly’s girlfriend, Boumediene is suspected of having killed a female French police officer earlier this week. A massive manhunt in Paris is now underway to find the fourth jihadist.


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