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One Thing We Now Know — Pundits Would Make Terrible Coaches

The mainstream media is deriding Ted Cruz’s decision to name Carly Fiorina as a “Hail Mary pass” or a “halfcourt shot at the buzzer” (the Washington Post has a nice roundup of tweets and commentary). Well, okay. But what else should you do when there is no time on the clock, and you’re stuck on your own 40? You try this:

But not in pundit-land. No sir. There, when time is expiring, they’ll applaud a snappy completion on nine-yard out route — or a textbook bounce pass to your small forward.

Of course the Fiorina pick is a Hail Mary. But the big play is the only play Cruz has. When my son plays football next year, I’m glad there won’t be any pundits on the sideline. In desperate circumstances, they’d be mocking his only chance to win.