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One of Those “Thank Roger Ailes For Fox Days”

An e-mail:

Good morning, K-Lo,

Sometimes I feel guilty that I watch Fox News to almost the complete exclusion of CNN and MSNBC. But then there are times like today, when I turn to MSNBC and in the less than five minutes I watched, the anchor and Andrea Mitchell managed to squeeze in how the Reagans “alienated” their children, Nancy’s consulting with astrologers, her “polarizing” impact and the dismissal of Don Regan (and his subsequent trashing of Nancy in his book).

Less than 24 hours after the passing of this dear man, who presided over a most significant eight years in this country, THIS is what they are talking about?

Not feeling so guilty anymore. Happily back to channel 16.

Molly O’Connor

Los Angeles, CA

P.S. If anyone out there could tell me the name of the funeral home in Santa Monica where Reagan is in repose, I would be honored to pay my respects today.

ME: I haven’t looked up the answer to the P.S. yet, if you know (links helpful), e-mail me & will post info.


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