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One Webathon Donor’s Reflections

Late last night a generous contribution found its way here, and after verifying (“Are you sure the decimal point is in the right place, sir?”) we received this attending thought. We hope it will inspire you to consider your own contribution, which can be given right here. Be assured: No matter how many numbers precede the decimal point, we deeply appreciate the selfless generosity. And now, here is what John has to say about why he was motivated to give:

Last night I finished reading Kevin’s appeal, and reflected on how important NR is to me. Over 40 years – with a few lapses on my part – NR has been a constant source of wisdom, perspective, exhortation, comfort, inspiration, and more than a few laughs. NR’s current stable of writers is as good as I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been especially engaged and appreciative of your efforts through this surreal political season. And, through the magic (or curse) of social media, and with a personal penchant for some light stalking, I’ve come to think of y’all as my really smart, really wise friends. What would a fanboy be willing to pay for an experience like that? This feels like a steal.


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Inflation, You Say?

Inflation, You Say?

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