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Only 3,000

In a March 12 Hardball news report, David Shuster said: “partial-birth abortions are not used very often. Less than 3,000 times a year or about one-sixth of one percent of all abortions. ” It doesn’t take too long for the media to adjust. Not too long ago, partial-birth abortion was called a “rare” procedure—with under 1,000 as the going estimate. (The numbers of how many are performed each year come from what abortionists choose to report.) The latest reports–from the pro-abortion side, by the way–basically tripled the total performed; talk about something rare: that fact is rarely mentioned in news reports. And even if it is 3,000 a year–if it is barbaric, if it is infanticide, as a prominent Democrats among many others have called it, would it be less wrong and unworthy of us if there are “only” 3,000 seconds-away-from-coming-out-of-the-womb kids killed this way?


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