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I was catching up on yesterday’s corner postings and became enthralled with the subject of race in advertisements at NRO; i.e. Hillsdale College. Then you pop up with a link to the Whizzinator and I had to laugh. It seems there is a racial subtext to that product as well.

I work in the probation/parole field and was recently at a state manager’s meeting when the issue of the Whizzinator came up. We have to keep ourselves apprised of all of the inventive ways in which offenders cheat on their drug tests. One manager noted that they had caught an offender using the Whizzinator in an unusual way. Seems that a black man had chosen to use a white Whizzinator to pass a drug screen, and an alert officer caught the discrepancy.

Needless to say, I was looking under the conference table to see if it had suitable room for me to hide from the state bureaucrats forthcoming lectures concerning sensitive racial subjects. Thankfully, it never came. Instead, everyone in the room exchanged uncomfortable glances in complete silence for a few moments, and then we moved on.

[Name withheld]


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