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Only a Stoner Would Call Him a Stone?

A lot of e-mails along these lines:

Leavell is one of the great keyboard players in rock and roll, but for him to be called a Rolling Stones keyboardist is a clear case of resume inflation.

Leavell is best known for his work not with the Rolling Stones, but with the Allman Brothers Band. That’s his piano playing you hear on “Rambling Man” “Jessica” and other songs they recorded (after founding member Duane Allman died incidently).

Since then he’s done a lot of session work and touring with other acts, but always as a backing musician. I know he has toured with the Rolling Stones and may have recorded with them too, but he did it as a hired gun. He was never a full-fledged member of the band like drummer Charlie Watts or guitarist Ron Wood.

Did he even play on “Sweet Neo-Con”? Possibly, but not necessarily.


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