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From An Open-Minded Reader

My response to that Angry Bear site produced a lot of fun email. Here’s one:

Dear D***head,

First, I would like to mention that this correspondence is in regard to

your July 2nd garbage in the NRO. (I’m sure you need this information,

as you bile spews forth in such voluminous quantities that you else wise

would never know to what I am referring.)

You are such an ignoramus on so many levels; it is hard to know where to

begin. First, it would hardly be a bad idea to offer the same rights to

terrorists as those given to our men and women in uniform. I’m crazy,

you’re thinking? Well, I think you would agree that they should at least

be proven to be terrorists first, wouldn’t you? I think that is all that

we left wing (open minded) people are concerned with. If they are

terrorists, let them rot! Who cares? But to keep someone incarcerated

for YEARS without recourse is simply inhuman, even by Republic**t


Also, to compare the outing of a covert agent for political purposes to

the revelation of the unquestionably unconstitutional activity of a

corrupt administration is downright adolescent! Add to this the fact

that the agent, Valerie Plame, was working in the area of WMD, and the

latter appears rather treasonous.

What harm was done by the outing of Valerie Plame, you might ask? Well,

dumbass, the front company that took years to set up was shut down.

Every operative associated with Brewster-Jennings & Associates, as well

as all contacts, are now out of commission. Nice job, Scooter (and Dick).

Grow up, and stop being a water boy!

One Who Is So Much Better Informed and Intelligent Than You That It

Hurts (You),

Update: Sigh. It’s only 7:30 and already some lefty readers are whining I didn’t respond to this drek. Okay, since I can do without the baiting email all day. First, there’s still no evidence that Plame’s name was leaked according to storylines imagined in various lefty conspiracy theories or that any serious damage was done (again, save for being exposed to Joe Wilson much longer than is humane). I don’t think anyone really even thinks it rises to a prosecutable offense, including that “Fitzmas” guy. The CIA operation unmasked by the Plame leak was hardly vital to national security. Rather, it was “a company that falls apart on first inspection.” Meanwhile, the banking program is “over” thanks to the latest revelations according to Tom Kean. And Dana Priest ‘s work led to the shutting down and or exposing our CIA prisons. This embarrassed important allies — making inter-governmental cooperation much more difficult — and undermined an ongoing and vital CIA operation.

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