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Open Weber, Insert Bird

I still want a picture of Steve Hayward engaged in the bizarre practice, but after receiving a bunch of emails like this one I’m forced to concede that he isn’t alone:

I too cook my turkey on a round Weber grill. I usually do a 25 lb bird, but to do so, I use the round ring insert, made for the rotissierie, to gain vertical clearance. The coals are banked on either side, kept there by heavy wire enclosues designed for that purpose. Weber calls it the “indirect method”. The turkey is placed on a rack on the main grill after being stuffed, rubbed with veg. oil and seasoned. Takes about as long as it would in the oven, but all the heat is outside and the oven is available for other puposes. The bird gets smoked red about 1/2 inch deep and stays moist throughout, as the initial heat tends to sear the outside. I have been doing this since 1976, and the idea of roasting it breast down has never crossed my mind, but it will be done tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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