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From an Optimistic Missourian:

Subject: Amendment Two


I’m glad to see the coverage on the Amendment 2 issue in Missouri on NRO today. I just wanted to pass along this observation.

We’ve been bombarded for well over a year here in Missouri with the sugary “Missouri Cures” commercials. They have all been of the same format– Stem Cell Research will cure all these big bad diseases, (insert medical professional here) says to vote yes on Amendment 2.

It has only been within the last month or two that the anti Amendment 2 forces have started to gear up. Their commercials, billboards and signs all point to the problems with the Amendment. The pro Amendment 2 forces won’t counter these ads, so it has started to create the impression that there is something really wrong with the Amendment and what the anti Amendment 2 forces are saying must be true. Add to this a big push by the Archbishop of St. Louis against the measure, and I see it being defeated.

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