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Oregon Eighth Grader Suspended for Battlefield Cross T-Shirt

Another day, another story of overzealous public-school administrators. Via KPTV:

GRESHAM, OR (KPTV) – A Gresham eighth grader has been suspended for an image on his t-shirt that his family says simply shows his patriotism.

Alan Holmes was wearing a shirt with an image that shows boots, a helmet, and a gun representing a fallen soldier memorial, and reads ‘Standing for those who stood for us.’

When the vice principal at Dexter McCarty Middle School saw the shirt, Holmes was asked to change. He then met with the principal who also asked him to change.

After refusing, Holmes’ dad was called to take him home.

School officials said they weren’t able to comment on specific student issues because of confidentiality rules, but they believe that weapons on a shirt are inappropriate for a school setting.

McCarty Middle School includes as “examples of inappropriate clothing attire” in its student handbook “Clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence,” and “Clothing containing objectionable language or symbols, including weapons . . . ” But unless it’s a school full of Quakers, this shirt —

—​ seems pretty unobjectionable.

And while it’s Oregon, and not long after a horrific shooting, any administrator should be able to distinguish between attire that promotes gratuitous violence, and attire that seeks to honor Americans who try to stop it.

Holmes, for his part, says he was just trying to honor his brother, a Marine who served in Iraq — and, thankfully, made it home safely.​


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