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O’Reilly, Ramos Spar over Immigration, White Privilege, Religion

In a preview of a heated interview for his English-language Fusion TV program, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos sparred with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly over a host of issues including immigration, race, and religion.

On immigration, Ramos described O’Reilly’s views as “clearly right-wing.” O’Reilly took issue with the label, noting that he doesn’t oppose a pathway to citizenship and supports revising worker programs. Ramos specified that O’Reilly’s support of securing the border earned him the “right-wing” label, and added that prioritizing border security over immigration reform is basically “just an excuse to do nothing” since the border will “never” be fully impenetrable. O’Reilly ultimately described himself as “a problem-solver” on the issue.

Later, O’Reilly’s rejection of the theory of white privilege drew ire from Ramos. Pointing both to the shooting deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and to the worse economic and educational outcomes of blacks when compared to whites as evidence, Ramos said O’Reilly was in denial on the issue. The Fox News host countered the notion is over-exaggerated, and pushed back that Asian-Americans are faring better than whites. “Is that Asian privilege?” O’Reilly asked in response.

“I think we have to admit that there is white privilege in this country,” Ramos said, before moving on.

The discussion then shifted to O’Reilly’s book Killing Jesus. Ramos took issue with O’Reilly’s belief that he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the best-seller.

“Really?” a skeptical Ramos, who is often praised for his objectivity, asked O’Reilly. “It is very dangerous to mix politics and religion.”

O’Reilly didn’t see how he was mixing both, and countered that his personal faith compels him to believe a God who inspires in a variety of ways. “I believe in [Christianity]. Is that okay?” O’Reilly shot back.

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