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The Orlando Shooter’s Father, the Taliban Fan, Is Behind Hillary… Literally

From the genuinely jolting Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt:

The Orlando Shooter’s Father, the Taliban Fan, Is Behind Hillary… Literally

Each morning, you think 2016 election cycle can’t get any more surreal, or bizarre, or disconcerting… the news cycle jostles you awake and says, “oh yeah? Get a load of this!”

What the heck? I mean, really, what the heck?

Clinton held a rally in Kissimmee, FL, a suburb of Orlando, the site of June’s terror attack. She began her rally by paying tribute to those who were slaughtered by Mateen while the terrorist’s father, Seddique Mateen, sat right behind her, prominently displayed and in full view of the camera.

There he is, right behind Hillary’s shoulder:

This is no mistaken identity or look-a-like; Mateen spoke to reporters afterwards about why he wants Hillary Clinton to be president. He showed reporters a sign he made for her, declaring she was “good for national security.”

Yes, that father:

Florida corporations created by [the shooter’s father] Seddique Mateen, the Provisional Government of Afghanistan Corp. and The Durand Jirga Inc., are related to that border dispute.

And Seddique Mateen announced his candidacy for president of Afghanistan in 2015, one of several YouTube videos posted by Mateen related to the issue. A Washington Post translation of one video has the elder Mateen praising the Taliban: “Our brothers in Waziristan, our warrior brothers in (the) Taliban movement and national Afghan Taliban are rising up,” he said.

The obvious rejoinder:  “She says she’ll keep the pro-Taliban folks who are close to terrorists out of our country… but she can’t even keep them out of her own rallies. Maybe she should try building a wall.”

Donald Trump might be the luckiest son-of-a-gun to ever run for president. If he can’t make some noise over this and make up five points quick, he should just close up shop… 


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