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With all the talk of a major al Qaeda attack expected this summer, you’d think the authorities would do a better job of addressing obvious problems. My biggest personal concern is abandoned cars in sensitive areas of our nation’s capital. I drive across the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge into Washington from Virginia each day and since at least last Friday there’s been a broken-down white Toyota hatchback sitting on the side of the bridge. Now, it’s probably not filled with explosives and wired to explode at the height of rush hour, but it would be nice if someone would get rid of the thing just in case. My carpool mate actually called a variety of agencies today trying to find out who is supposed to get rid of it and got the kind of run-around you would have thought went out the window after 9/11. And last year, an abandoned car sat for weeks on the grass next to E Street, not 50 feet from the rear entrance to the State Department. We are fortunate to have stupid enemies.


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