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Osanloo: no hospital, only prison

Mansour Osanloo is the leader of the Iranian Transport Workers’ Association, the Iranian version of the Teamsters. He’s being brutalized by the regime. Somebody ought to tell President Bush what’s going on.

Here’s the basic story, but by all means read the whole thing:

Mansour Osanloo, leader of Iranian workers transport Union who had

been transferred from prison to hospital for an eye operation was

transferred back to prison regardless of conditions.

Iranian judiciary had refused to allow his operation after Mr.

Osanloos’ arrest on 10 July 2007. It is reported that the decision was

taken by the infamous Judge Hassan Zare Dehnavi, known as Hassan

Haddad, security deputy to Tehrans’ prosecutor.

Mr. Osanloos’ operation was agreed under pressure from International

Human right organizations and workers Union, which had expressed

concern over his conditions.

Although Mr.Osanloos’ condition requires rest and primary necessary

medical supervision, it is reported that he is transferred to Evin

prison clinic, which does not support the necessary accommodations for

such treatments.

Maybe it’s better to tell Laura Bush, who recently donned a chador in Saudi Arabia, and was photographed alongside a fully covered Saudi woman, thereby lending a degree of legitimacy to the misogynists. Still, Mrs Bush has been outspoken in defense of freedom in Burma. Maybe she’ll do something for Mr. Osanloo. Nobody else in this administration seems inclined to help the brave man.

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