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The Other George W. Bush

“After a year of management problems and budget woes for AmeriCorps, congressional negotiators agreed this week to give the troubled national service program $444 million for fiscal 2004.” So reports the Washington Post today, as President Bush continues to push to expand the idiotic AmeriCorp program.

AmeriCorps “volunteers” get paid about $5,000 each for their “service.” (They are volunteers in the same way that ladies of the evening are “girlfriends”). The Cato Institute has repeatedly shown the corruption and political abuse of various AmeriCorp programs. [Here’s just one example.]

A national “fee for community service” program was the dumbest idea of the Clinton administration. Why does President Bush continue to expand it?

Michael GrahamMichael Graham was born in Los Angeles and raised in South Carolina. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, he worked as a stand-up comedian before beginning his political career as ...


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