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On The Other Hand…

From another reader:


Perhaps you could inform your reader who hopes Dean will be our next president that there is a difference between “lawbreakers” who are illegal aliens and “lawbreakers” who commit crimes like murder and assault. A large portion of the population believes that there are doctors who murder unborn children and should be punished for their crimes. Within our legal framework, people who flee the poverty of their countries with the hopes of a better life here in the US are criminals; but doctors who perform abortions, are not criminals. Ask some of the NROnicks if they think it’s wrong to legalize pot because it legalizes an act that had previously been illegal, therefore allowing potheads to smoke pot in the US legally. Those same potheads have been BREAKING THE LAW, much in the same way illegal aliens have been BREAKING THE LAW. Ask Ramesh or Stuttaford if it’s wrong to legalize pot on those grounds. Ask them if it’s wrong to legalize something on the grounds that the crime they want to legalize is silly and unenforceable, which I believe is their rationalization for legalizing marijuana.

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