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On The Other Hand…

From a reader:


I have been a long time reader of the Corner and have often respected

the analysis there, even if I disagree with the basic politics of NRO.

In this situation, I think the Corner’s reactions are reflective of

the feelings of professional conservative pundits and that The Corner

doesn’t collectively realize the overall impact of the Democratic

convention and Obama’s speech tonight.

Some points:

  -The NRO gaggle are really focusing on how great things are when

compared to the doom and gloom of these speeches.  While I think there

is some truth in the idea that our challenges in 2008 are nothing

compared to those of the past or of other countries, that is obviously

not the opinion of the 81% (!!) of American’s who think the country is

on the wrong track.  McCain is not going to be able to climb out of

Bush’s hole by claiming everything is hunky dory.

  -This week has reminded Americans of the historical nature of

Obama’s potential achievement (the first black Head of State in the

history of Western Civ?) and framed it as a “Only in America” story,

giving even national greatness conservatives a reason to support the

idea of a black President.

  -The Democrats have effectively, for the first time in my lifetime,

pivoted to the attack in August and taken the mantle of the team on

the offense. I think it is greatly underestimated how much the “wimpy”

tag on Democrats has come out of the new cycle of political attack and

defense versus actual differences in defense policy.  Americans like

winners, and Americans like people that beat up the other side while

still smiling.  See John McClane.

  -The substantive parts of Obama’s speech really makes McCain’s

recent ads seem thin (especially the Celebrity ad).  McCain’s next

major ad needs to criticize Obama’s positions, not repeat the old Ad


I think your group is right that many people will be receptive to

arguments about the growth of Government or paying for these programs,

except we haven’t heard anything like that from McCain or the RNC.

Winning Arguments:

  -Obama can’t pay for this

  -Government growth needs to be stopped

  -We need to be careful what wars to get into, and I, my friends, hate war

Losing Arguments, after tonight:

  -Things ain’t so bad!!!  Bush was an ok president!

  -Withdrawl is cut n’ run (this issue will be settled before Nov, and

not in McCain’s favor)

  -Obama is a celebrity (always silly, and running ads with audiences

cheering Obama was stupid)

  -Obama is too young (reinforces McCain’s age and Washington insider

status.  Lincoln had the same experience as Obama is pretty


BTW, NROs discussion of McCain being outflanked on middle class tax

cuts was totally on point.

Just some opinion from a left-libertarian reader.

Me: Discuss amongst yourselves, I’m heading to bed.


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