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Other Peoples’ Money

Could it be that the scourge of “foreign money” is a beneficiary of it?

Writing for PJ Media Mike McNally writes:

PJ Media can confirm that it’s not only possible, but very easy, for foreign citizens to make contributions [to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign]. I’ve been able to donate $25 to the Obama campaign in three separate transactions, despite being a lifelong British citizen resident in the UK. What’s more, two of my donations were processed despite the Obama campaign noting that I had provided a non-U.S. address, and despite my failure to provide proof of American citizenship when asked to do so…

An honest mistake, obviously, but it’s worth reading the whole thing…

Completely unrelated: The Daily Telegraph’s Ed West discusses the international support for Obama, and concludes:

Luckily for them it’s up to Americans to decide the next election, and the views of Europe’s liberal opinion-formers don’t amount to a hill of beans.

And their money shouldn’t either.


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