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The Other Shoe Will Soon Drop . . .

On matters of the ongoing threats of terrorism (cf. the New York gang who wanted to kill Jews and take down military jets, the recent assassination of the military recruiter), Obama’s pre-presidential anti-war-on-terror rhetoric (e.g., time to dismantle military tribunals, wiretaps, email intercepts, renditions, Predator attacks in Pakistan, Iraq, Guantánamo, etc.) dissipated with the realities of office.

So too, I think, we will see in the not-too-distant future the end of his serial apologies as previewed in Turkey, Europe, Latin America, the al-Arabiya interview, etc. — and shortly followed by Iranian chest-thumping, the Koreas missile/nuke spectacle, daily rumblings from Russia, Chinese worries about our dubious monetary policy and on and on.

In short, the American public at home will tire of its president saying that we are sorry for our misdemeanors while those abroad never reciprocate in showing any remorse for their felonies, while both terrorists and rogue states will surmise that an American president either does not feel responsible for America’s past history or sees it as deserving some sort of “corrective” for its now admitted past unlawful or mean behavior — and thus they now might feel more ready to cross the line than they otherwise might have in the past. In other words, the creepy sorts in the world abroad will do to Obama’s apologies what the presidential intelligence reports did to his prior demagogic attacks on the war on terror.


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