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“Our American Brothers”

I mentioned yesterday a moving essay

French screenwriter Fred Gion published in the Dallas Morning News on

Sunday. The DMN website finally has it up

here. Excerpt:

One can easily find hundreds of places across France where a strong link

between my country and America is memorialized. But there is a special place

I love in the Jardins du Trocadéro, not far from the Eiffel Tower. In this

public garden stands a beautiful sequoia given to the French people by the

American people in 1989. On the ground there’s a plaque that reads: In

gratitude for two centuries of friendship.

This is where I’ll meet a group of French friends today. We will pray for

the kids who died on D-Day, for the men and women in uniform serving bravely

in Iraq. This is not the time to betray our American brothers. I apologize

to my American friends for all the terrible things the French press will say

during these days.

Even if our voices can’t cover the unfriendly background noise, we want to

send a message to Mr. Bush “Welcome to France, Mister President!”


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