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Our Girl and ‘Social Justice’

Jesse Jackson — it’s not required to say “the Reverend,” is it? — was outside our building once. That was when the Peruvian consulate, here in New York, was in our building. What was he doing? Holding a little press event, one of his little shows: pleading the cause of Lori Berenson, the American chick who went to Peru to help the totalitarians and terrorists who were trying to destroy the country’s democracy. You know the type of American I mean. She and her comrades damn near succeeded, too. Killed a lot of people.

Well, now Berenson is sprung — sprung from prison. And she plans to work as “a translator and a dessert chef.” I have quoted the Associated Press report, here. That report also says that Berenson “dropped out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1989 to pursue a passion for social justice.”

“Social justice” — the most disgusting, meaningless, abused phrase in the English language.


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