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Our Insane ‘Counterterrorism’ Strategy

Earlier today, terrorists killed at least twelve U.S. Marines and a Navy corpsman in Kabul and wounded more than a dozen others in a series of brazen suicide bombings. At least a hundred civilians were murdered.

A simple question: If the policy of the United States toward these terrorists is that, in President Biden’s words, “We will not forgive, we will not forget — we will hunt you down and make you pay,” why in the world would we choose to abandon our forward presence in Afghanistan, our on-the-ground allies, our human-intelligence apparatus, and a world-class military airbase at Bagram from which to conduct operations?

President Biden’s plan is, apparently, to pull out of Afghanistan in the face of our enemies so that we can somehow, magically, be better positioned to prosecute a counterterrorism campaign against them.


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