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Our Kingdom for a Horse!

In recent months, conservatives have been looking for a horse, any horse, but preferably a smart strong one — and one who can win. I mention such a person today, in Impromptus. Actually, I more than mention him: I rhapsodize about him, at length. Remember what Bill Clinton said about Barack Obama, during the Democratic primaries? “I’ve been braggin’ on him all over the country.” This was in response to charges that he was not quite as Obama-loving as, of course, one should be — no matter that the ex-president’s wife was Obama’s chief rival.

Anyway, I’m braggin’ on my friend Ted Cruz, who has jumped into Texas politics. Check him out. And I expect that, someday — not too far off — a whole lot of people will be writing about Ted Cruz, finding him consequential in our politics.

I have already received many e-mails about today’s column. Several readers have said, “Can such a candidate really exist? How thrilling.” Yes, Virginia (and Texas!), he exists. And I agree: thrilling.


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