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Our Man in Paris

This just in from NRO’s fabulous French Guy:

It’s early spring in Paris, that’s the one and only good news. French people are so happy because of what they perceive to be coalition setbacks in the war on Iraq. So I decided to be happy as well! And I decided to give my neighbors a free prime time concert… I bought “THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE AMERICAN MARCH” by The Goldman Band on CD, and I’m playing it right now! It’s 21:24 in Paris, a couple loudspeakers in my garden, loud enough to be heard around but law-abiding quiet enough. I hope my fellow Frenchmen are enjoying J.P. Sousa, Victor Herbert and titles like The Pride of America and The President’s March. I hope all is well in NYC and the family is doing great in Dallas. And now I’m going to turn to The Corner, the best reward one can expect after a long work day.

We need to send humanitarian relief to French Guy, bravely resisting the Fedayeen Chirac behind the lines! I say we parachute P.J. O’Rourke in with good Kentucky bourbon, Hank Williams, Jr. CDs, a copy of Ray Charles’ peerless recording of “America the Beautiful,” and barbecued ribs from Texas. Oh, and cowboy boots. Send me your shoe size, French Guy, and I’ll mail you a pair of Tony Lamas when I get down to the Great State.

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