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Our Old Friend (Not Really) Media Bias

As I might have mentioned in Impromptus, I don’t watch much television. And, when I’m away from it a long time, I wonder, “Is liberal media bias as bad as we conservatives say? Or do we exaggerate?” And then I wade back into television — such as during the quadrennial party conventions — and I discover, “Ah, yes: It is as bad. And maybe even worse.” I’ve been watching my share of television in the last couple of days. And the thing that strikes me is, the TV people are so very, very friendly to the Democrats — in their questions, in their tone, in their overall demeanor. I’m talking mainly about CNN and PBS, which, for some reason, I’ve particularly lighted on. For example, a guy — or a woman, I can’t remember — asked Governor Kaine about the Democratization of the state of Virginia. (Note to itchy-fingers: Please don’t write to say it’s a commonwealth.) And he/she — the TV person — seemed genuinely excited about it — as excited as the Democratic governor of Virginia.

I’ve said it for years: The world tires of conservative whining about media bias. (And, yes, we’ve gone a way in creating our own media.) But, if you’re a conservative, you tire of the fact of the bias, too.


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