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The unfortunate habit of mis-speaking seriously: State Dept.’s Alberto Fernandez has now apologized for saying on Al Jazeera that the United States has been arrogant and stupid in Iraq, saying he “seriously misspoke.” However a source told me that this was not the first time he had made such statements. I looked around and came up with this one from an AJ transcript of September 5, 2006:

I think that there are factors providing negative American thoughts in the Middle East. First, we should admit that there’s an American haughtiness and stupidity. We know that the U.S. made a lot of mistakes. And we said that about Iraq and other countries. Second, there’s hypocrisy in the Arab regimes. The Arab regimes want to present to the world and to their populations a decisive option, either the dictatorial regime or chaos. No third option. There’s no possibility of gradual fortification. It’s either non stop tyranny forever or chaos just like what we saw in Iraq sometimes. Third, there are the efforts of extremists and non democrats in the region. That means we’re all guilty to some extent towards the existing situation in the Arab world. Today, no doubt, Americans, corrupted Arab regimes and other people, organizations and individuals are trying intentionally to encourage hell in the Arab world. 

Wow, Americans and their corrupt allies are trying “intentionally to encourage hell in the Arab world?” Sounds like an even more serious misstatement. My source also said Mr. Fernandez has Hezbollah trinkets in his office but I have a poster of Lenin in mine so that might not mean anything.


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