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Outnumbered Gang: Obama ‘Has No Right to Invoke Humantiarianism’

President Obama’s air strikes in Iraq got panned on Fox News’s Outnumbered Friday as beloved Hollywood star Dean Cain slammed the president for being too eager to leave Iraq and “awfully late” in responding to the Sunni Islamist surge in the country, while the most liberal of the regular panelists harshly criticized Obama for abandoning the country’s Christians.

Taking the #OneLuckyGuy seat for the first time, Lois & Clarke star Cain, who visited Iraq in 2005, said the United States was late in addressing the humanitarian crisis created by the Islamic State In Levant’s (ISIL) takeover of much of the country. When Outnumbered ringleader Harris Faulkner noted that the president had focused on the little known Yazidis, who have not suffered as many casualties at the hands of ISIL as have Christians, Kirsten Powers, usually the most liberal of the panelists, tore the president a new one:

“He has not uttered the word ‘Christian,’ and now suddenly he throws it in with the Yazidis,” Powers said. “We’re not doing any airdrops to the Christians, who are refugees in the Kurdish region. [Virginia Congressman Frank] Wolf has taken to the floor, I think, seven days in a row now, pleading with the administration: Please help these people. They need humanitarian aid; they need drinking water. They have nothing. They’ve lost their homes; they’ve lost everything. The White House has done nothing; they’ve said nothing. And then the president goes on and goes into quite a lot of detail about the Yazidis, and never really gets into the specifics about Christians. I mean, it’s really unbelievable, and he has no right to invoke humantiarianism, because he is not a humanitarian president. A humanitarian president does not sit quietly by, while hundreds of thousands of Christians in Iraq [are uprooted or killed]– forget about the rest of the Middle East — and doesn’t say a word.”

Cain added that Obama has no “long-term strategy” and warned that the brutalizing of Iraq’s Christians is much worse than the “sanitized” version seen in the United States. “I just know that in the short term he wanted to get out of Iraq,” Cain said. “And look: Every place that we have fought a war — think of World War II: Germany, Japan — we have troops that are stationed there. And John McCain took a lot of heat back in the day when he was asked how long would he keep troops there and he said that we’ve had troops in Japan and Germany for 60 years. That just makes sense — not to be fighting all the time; we’re not nation-building. But to have them there for peacekeeping is important. Because what you have is a bunch of bullies out there, and if they find any weakness they will just go after it and they will exploit it. And they’re using our own weapons which is shocking. But maybe it might be easier for us to blow them up. Maybe we have little chips in there to tell us where they are, and we can go after them.”

In addition to beating the curse of Superman and memorably playing convicted killer Scott Peterson in a TV movie, Dean Cain played the villain in this reporter’s little league cult classic Home Run Showdown. For the record: Cain read all his lines perfectly and without any crap about not having enough dialogue or wanting to make changes to his character. All his character tics and screen business were right on target. He caused no trouble in production and manfully promoted the film in interviews. His performance lit up the screen, and he was in all ways a franchise player. I consider him better than Lawrence Olivier — who never, to my knowledge, performed anything I wrote. He is currently hosting CW’s Masters of Illusion and is always worth checking out.


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