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%$#$% Outsourcing

I guess the Democrats don’t mind when a Democratic (former) President really has a policy of outsourcing. A

<a href="

” target=”_blank”> Scottish firm will be building the cabinets at the Clinton Library. Are there really no American cabinet-makers worthy of the job!? Where’s the outrage!? I mean John Edwards comes from the furniture capital of the nation. What happens when a cabinet factory shuts down? What happens to that crying little girl he always talks about but can never name goes hungry!? Won’t somebody please think about the children!

For the record, my outrage is entirely fake, but my amusement at the hypocrisy is entirely real. From the Scotsman:

A SMALL Lothians cabinet-making firm is set to crack the United States after winning a £500,000 contract to fit out Bill Clinton’s presidential library.

Netherfield Visuals has been awarded the contract to build 85 glass museum showcases to display the archive of the former president’s two terms in the White House in a purpose-built centre in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The William J Clinton Centre will include a museum, educational research facilities and library which will house the largest collection in US presidential history.

Netherfield, which started in a back garden using an old shipping container as a workshop, is hopeful its association with the prestigious contract will allow it to fill a niche in the US…..


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