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Over in the House, Pence Opposes the Deal

“Over the past year I have worked with colleagues in the House and the Senate to achieve border security and comprehensive immigration reform without amnesty. I believe illegal immigration is a crisis that demands an answer, but amnesty is not the answer.

“From what we know about the Senate compromise, there are many commendable elements in the plan, including border security measures and a shift to a merit-based immigration system.  However, ultimately the grand bargain is no bargain for the American people.

“By permitting illegal immigrants to get right with the law without leaving the country, the Senate compromise amounts to amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants and I cannot support it.

“I do hope to continue to work with colleagues in the House and Senate to craft final legislation that puts border security first and creates a temporary worker program, without amnesty, that requires workers to learn English and employers to operate under the law.”