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Overcome Bias, Subscribe to National Review

John Tierney has a new article on social psychologist John Haidt, who is studying the “statistically impossible lack of diversity” in the political ideologies of his academic colleagues. Haidt says social psychology is a “tribal community” and political conservatives a shunned “out group.” To overcome this bias and open themselves up to different perspectives, the doctor offered the following prescription:

Dr. Haidt was optimistic enough to title his speech “The Bright Future of Post-Partisan Social Psychology,” urging his colleagues to focus on shared science rather than shared moral values. To overcome taboos, he advised them to subscribe to National Review and to read Thomas Sowell’s “A Conflict of Visions.”

Indeed! And why wait until you’re already experiencing the symptoms of liberal close-mindedness before taking action? Our unscientific studies indicate that subscribing to National Review works just as well as preventative medicine. We’re working on getting it covered under Obamacare.

UPDATE: From a reader who serves as a superior court judge:


When I was studying for the LSAT, the law school entrance exam, in the mid-80s, our “tutor” recommended that to best prepare for the exam, we should read National Review – the erudite writing and analysis, he felt, would serve us well, whatever our political persuasion. Happily, I grew up with your magazine, and had been reading it since I was a teenager. I’ve always felt that was excellent advice.


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