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An Overcrowded Island, Only More So

The Daily Telegraph discusses the dismal new census findings from the UK:

The initial figures from the 2011 census show that over the first decade of the 21st century, the population of this country grew more than at any time in its history. There were 3.7 million more people living in England and Wales at the end of the decade than at the start – a 7 per cent rise. The greater part of this population explosion has been the result of immigration. At this rate of increase, the UK’s population will top 70 million within 20 years. According to current projections, two thirds of this future increase – about five million people – will be as a result of immigration. Those who assert that most incomers are EU citizens with a right to be here are wrong; the majority come from non-EU countries.

There could hardly be more damning testimony to the malign impact of the last government’s reckless policy of encouraging unfettered immigration. In a mea culpa last month, Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, finally admitted that Labour had got it wrong. If people worried about immigration and talked about immigration, he said, it “does not make them bigots”. Yet the government of which he was a member never hesitated to smear as “racist” any Conservative politician who dared broach the subject.

The Blair/Brown legacy keeps on taking.

And then there’s this:

Regrettably, the change of government in 2010 has done little to improve matters. The Tories’ pledge to cut annual net immigration to the “tens of thousands” has long since been abandoned. Under the Coalition, net figures have actually increased and are now at record levels.

Oh well.


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