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Oversexed for Money

From the Baltimore Sun:

When Doug and Annie Brown were forced to leave the Baltimore area they had grown to love to look for work, the couple ended up downhearted in Denver – so much so that they were willing to do anything to put Charm City spark back in their lives.

“Let’s have sex for 100 consecutive days,” said Annie to Doug one night two years ago.

“What the hell, let’s do it,” Doug replied. “There’s nothing else going on.”

Eager to spice up their marriage of 14 years, the couple resorted to a personal, no-excuses course of Sex 101 (later tacking on an additional day).

Doug, who took a job as a reporter for the Denver Post, chronicled their sexcapades in a tell-all book, Just Do It. Since debuting last month, it has made the couple a hit on the daytime-talk circuit, with three appearances on NBC’s Today show, two on Sirius satellite radio and a feature in the United Kingdom publication the Guardian. The book yesterday was ranked 73rd on’s list of 100 hot new releases.

Many have become enamored of their story, as well as their perseverance. Even when staying on schedule became cumbersome and exhaustive because of the demands of work and caring for two young children, the Browns stuck with it, finding creative ways to keep their passion burning brightly – from romps in pricey hotels to risk-taking moments on unstable chairs or atop exercise balls.


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