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PA Dem: ‘This Opens Up a New Line of Questioning’

Larry Ceisler, the publisher of and a top Democratic consultant in Pennsylvania, to National Review Online:

I never doubted for a minute that there was some foundation to the Sestak story. And in Pennsylvania, it was widely thought in political circles that Bill Clinton was the only person who could dissuade Joe Sestak from challenging Arlen Specter based on their relationship. But I do not think anyone ever thought that Clinton came to Sestak with a firm job offer but rather with an argument that a primary was not the best course. Now, I am sure this opens up a new line of questioning as to what was said and offered. While the White House says that no laws were broken, will Toomey and the GOP go on the attack to put Clinton and Sestak under oath in some format to confirm the veracity of the White House’s statement? And why did the White House deny this from jump street? I think the question is what was actually said . . . what was heard . . . and then the truth.


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