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Pa Gotv

From a reader:

Full Disclosure: I’m an Original Flying Monkey and Republican Committee Person in Hershey PA.

W/regard to volunteers being contacted, etc. I was charged with contacting 13 “volunteers” in my precinct. Most weren’t home, most could not do door knocking or lit drops on Saturday because they had these things called “lives.” HOWEVER, we did manage to get lots of coverage in what is (admittedly) a pretty strong “R” area, thanks to some of those “outside” volunteers working with me.

The essential element of GOTV in PA, as I understand it, is to “call and drag” votors on election day; there will be poll watchers (called strikers) crossing off names as people come in and vote, and twice during the day they will be collecting the lists with crossed off names, bringing it to a phone bank, calling those who haven’t voted yet, offering rides, etc. IF DONE RIGHT, this stuff really works on the turnout front, according to my associates, several of who are former elected officials themselves.

Bad news: In PA they tried something like this in 2000, and it was a total disaster; inaccurate lists, poor pole coverage, etc.

Good news: The logistics of this appear to be set up much better by the campaign this time, at least in my little corner of PA. But we shall see.

Final point: Much better to have too many volunteers sign up with nothing valuable to do than to have too little. So I say to all such as those quoted this morning: Don’t wait for BC04 to anoint you as assistant state campaign chairman; it ain’t gonna happen. If you really care, take matters into your own hands in your own world. Call your neighbors, send some e-mails (The Chicago Trib endorsement’s a nice well written ice-breaker) go to your local victory center and get “stuff” or just drive around with a bumper sticker on your car.