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Paging Brian Anderson

Lots of folks have responded to Brian’s email with similar comments. From a reader:

You quote Brian Anderson quoting Dick Morris to the effect that  “[t]wo-thirds of liberals (he said) in the country are black and Hispanic, and they tend to listen overwhelmingly to Hispanic or African-American urban radio outlets”   First of all, anytime I see anyone quoting Dick Morris I reach for my large shaker of salt.   For this one, I’m going to have to break out the big box of Morton’s  Kosher that I keep over the ‘fridge.  “Two-thirds of American liberals” are black and Hispanic?  Does this “statistic” hold up to scrutiny for even 30 seconds?  What percentage of the general population do each of these groups make up? Unless there are a hell of a lot fewer liberals than I suspect there are, this number has the feel of something someone – well, let’s just say, “manufactured”. 

Even if Morris means (as I suspect he does) that a very high percentage of Democratic voters are black and hispanic, that doesn’t mean they’re liberals.  I have plenty of friends who support the miltary, oppose gay marriage and wish their taxes were lower but vote Democratic at every election for no better reason that they’re old man did, or they never liked Nixon or because they belong to an union.  Similarly there are plenty of actually quite conservative blacks and hispanics who simply believe the propaganda, thinks “Republican” = “Klansman”, George Bush hates black people and only the Democrats care about minorities.  So they vote for the Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosis of this world as they pursue policies that will throw more young black men out of work, increase the number of single-mother households and make the world a more dangerous place generally.  Frankly most of these people don’t *think* about politics very much because (a) they think they know everything they need to know and (b) what political information they get from the MSM reinforces their existing beliefs and their prejudices.  They have no desire and feel no need to challenge their own assumptions or seek more information.  Air America didn’t fail because it failed to lure them away from hip-hop or Spanish music, but because they would never have listened to political talk radio in the first place.  They’re not that interested in politics.  They won’t listen to Rush because they “know” he’s a racist hatemonger.  But they wouldn’t listen to Randi Rhodes or al-Franken either because they would find them boring and because what do a rich white womand and a rich white guy know about their interests or concerns anyway?