The Corner

Paging Father Coughlin

A hostile reader, in an e-mail, has just called me a “Moselyite” [sic]. I

assume he is referring to Sir Oswald Mosley, the British fascist

leader of the 1930s. (Formerly a socialist and limousine liberal. A.J.P.

Taylor said of Mosley that he was equally well suited to be the party leader

for either Labour or the Conservatives.)

This is a first. But how old is this reader? How many people under the age

of 80, even in Britain, have even heard of Sir Oswald? Oh, well. I shall

file this one in the folder where I put e-mails that accuse me of

antisemitism. It is interesting, and oddly satisfying, to note that this

folder contains almost precisely as many items as the one where I keep

e-mails that call me a lickspittle Jew-loving lackey of the

world-manipulating Zionist conspiracy.